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Ways to Use Essential Oils

Countless books and internet searches will hand you more ideas for essential oil diffuser blends, ways to use essential oils in cooking recipes, essential oils for cleaners, and anything else you can think of. Here are some of my favorite ways to use doTERRA Essential Oils for my family and in everyday life. Enjoy!

Exotic Fresh Diffuser Blend
Kickstart Diffuser Blend
On Guard Hand Sanitizer
DIY Dish Soap
Essential Laundry Oils
Essential Oils for Hair
Fall Sugar Scrub
Autumn Diffuser Blends
Gratitude Diffuser Blend
In Sickness and In Health
Hot Chocolate Bar
On Guard Apples
Wake Up Diffuser Blend
Throbbing Head Bomb
Set the Mood Blend
Stinky Laundry Fix
Mani Pedi Shortcut
Make Ears Happy
Roller Bottle DIY
Flu Bomb Veggie Caps
Guacamole Recipe
Internal Usage
Cozy Holiday Diffuser Blends
Motion Sickness Blend
Chai Tea Diffuser Blend
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